Thursday, October 14, 2010

He's Still Working on Me

For those of you reading this who already have a relationship with Jesus, you'll understand what I mean when I say that the Christian life is tough.  It's completely true that once we believe in Jesus, we are made new from the inside out.  But we still live in a world of sin, and we can (and do) choose to sin.  We have to rely on the Holy Spirit to continue this work of regeneration and remember that we are works in progress.

I was very keenly reminded of this last night.  Ephesians 4:15 is probably the most difficult verse for me to put into practice.  It commands us to "speak the truth in love."  I've never struggled with the first part of speaking the truth.  However, I seem to need multiple lessons on how to filter the truth through love.  It's not that I intend to be hurtful, I just have difficulty choosing my words and my tone such that I convey a spirit of love.

Let's just say I'm grateful that God is forgiving, and you can bet that I will be too (because I needs lots of it as well.)

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