Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Does anyone else ever struggle with this problem - you have a list of things you want to accomplish, but little things here and there crop up and steal away your time?

Sometimes we can get so busy with the minutia of life (most of which are important things), that we rarely or never seem to get around to those things which we want to do.  This blog is a great object lesson for what I'm talking about.  I've intended to add a post for over a week now, but thanks to some sick kids (and me being sick as well), I just have not found (or carved out) the time to get a post written.

Aren't you glad that God doesn't have to worry about getting bogged down with the little things of life.  In fact, the little things of life is where God often shows His great faithfulness.  We may not see the everyday things we go through as miracles, but if we stop and think about how much God is involved in every moment of our lives, we will start appreciating the amazing patience, love, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, mercy (and many more qualities) of God.

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