Monday, November 29, 2010

My Faith Story

Just thought I would add this to the mix of my thoughts:

Matt Cobb’s Faith Story

I am a people-person.  I like to be around others and belong with them.  This has always been true of me, even when I was a young child.

I was fortunate to grow up in a home where my parents loved Jesus and went to church faithfully.  From infancy, I was at church, learning about God, His love for all people, and many other Bible stories.  One particular Sunday morning, my Sunday school teacher was telling us about the family of God.  She was explaining that all believers have a special connection with each other that makes us like one big family of brothers and sisters.  Naturally, being a child who wants to belong, I wanted in on this.
That afternoon, as Mom was preparing dinner, I sat at the table and asked her how I could be part of the family of God.  I’m so thankful that she took the time to sit down with me and answer all my questions.  I’m sure she sensed the Holy Spirit working in my life and knew that dinner could wait just a little bit.  She explained to me, in very simple concepts that I needed to ask Jesus to forgive me before I could become part of the family.  I knew that I had done wrong things.  Even at the age of 5, I knew what sin was.  My mom went on to share that because of my sin, I couldn’t be in heaven with God.  But Jesus came to Earth and lived a perfect life – never doing anything wrong – and then died on a cross because of my sin.  I already knew the story of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  Mom told me that all I had to do was pray and tell God that I was a sinner, tell Him that I believed Jesus came and died on a cross for me, and ask Him to forgive me of my sin.  We prayed right then.

That decision didn’t have an immense impact on my life until 2 years later.  During revival services at our church, I sensed that God wanted me to tell everyone else about the decision I had made two years ago.  When I did that, the pastor and my parents naturally started talking to me about baptism.  I was very hesitant (mainly because of an irrational fear of being under water.)  It wasn’t until I was 10 that I finally mustered up the courage, faced my fears, and was baptized for all to know that I was Christ’s.

I’m sad to say that high school was a very low point in my walk with Jesus.  I essentially ignored God completely so that I could do whatever I thought would be fun.  I could talk the talk (and I was still regularly going to church since my dad was a pastor by then), but my actions didn’t line up with what I said.  Looking back now, I’m grateful that God didn’t abandon me when I did Him.

College was my “coming back to Jesus” time.  During a worship concert at the beginning of my sophomore year, God said to me, “Stop faking it!  I know who you are, and you aren’t fooling me.  You want to experience true freedom?  Give me everything that you are and don’t hold back anything.  You aren’t perfect, but I’ll make something great out of your life.”  I left the concert early.  I found a quiet place, cried my eyes out, and gave up.  I told God, “I quit!  I won’t keep trying to do it my way.  You can have all of me, and I’ll follow You no matter what, where, when, why or how.”

Since that time, life has never been dull.  He’s led me on some amazing journeys, and I’m anticipating what He has in store for me in the years to come.

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  1. Although times are challenging, praying and preparing to follow His lead, whenever and wherever, is what He asks of His children. Fight the good fight, Finish the race, Keep the faith, and He will bring you safely to His heavenly kingdom.