Thursday, November 11, 2010

Praise from a child

This post will not be monumentally long or profound, but I was reminded the other day about the innocence of children and how precious honest praise must be to God.

Jackson is 3 and a half and really loves singing.  The other day, I was playing with Lauren, and we were doing the motions to "My God is So Big."  Jackson started singing along with me, and when I asked him if he wanted to sing for Lauren, he pipes up, "Sure, Daddy!"  So he finished the song while I did the motions with Lauren.  Lauren's smile couldn't have been any bigger or brighter.

And just recently, our family had a little downtime (something of a rarity), so I pulled out my guitar and started playing some random praise songs for us to sing.  Jill and Jackson started dancing around the room while Lauren bobbed up and down in her walker.  As much as a 3-year-old can, Jackson was praising God with his whole heart.  Made me stop and think about how often I'm simply giving God the convenient part of my heart, but not a completely sold-out heart.  Made me stop and ask God to forgive me and strengthen me to give Him everything all the time.  Also made me think about how much God must love the simple and complete devotion of His children (the 3-year-olds and the 31-year-olds.)

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