Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worship Revival

My new church home, First Baptist Church of Mountain View, MO, is putting on a revival this weekend featuring me leading worship and the pastor preaching the messages. This got me thinking about revival in regards to worship.

Can there be such a thing as worship revival? And if so, what would it look like?

Webster's Dictionary defines revival as "renewed attention to or interest in something." So, a "worship" revival would be renewed attention to or interest in worship. And for our purposes, we are strictly talking about worshiping Jesus.

I definitely think you can become lazy in worshiping Jesus. And you might need a time of revival to jump start your devotion and attention back on what Jesus has done for you. You would probably be more aware of His blessings in your life and would consequently thank Him more in worship. You might be struggling with a challenge in life, and a worship revival would help center yourself on what He's already done for you as you cling to the promises of what He will do for you. That is worship!

So, a worship revival may look different for every person, but I think it is real.

What do you think???

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