Friday, May 13, 2011

Cherry Vanilla Coke

Anyone that knows me just a little bit, knows that I am a HUGE fan of Cherry Vanilla Coke from Sonic. (And I love half price drinks during happy hour of 2-4 p.m.)

I was sipping on one of my choice beverages the other day and pondering about worship at the same time. And a wonderful thought occurred to me: "Worship is like a Cherry Vanilla Coke." The thought was a little broader than that to encompass a new idea that I am attempting to incorporate into my blog - "Worship is like ______." This is a actually a bit of a tribute to a good friend of mine, Justin Miller, who always said, "Faith is like chicken." I don't have time to get into that statement in detail here, but message me, and I'll try to explain it later.

So, coming back to my original thought - "Worship is like a Cherry Vanilla Coke."

Now, just like Sonic has MANY different flavors that one can add into their drink of choice, we as worship leaders (and individual worshipers) have a vast array of worshipful elements that we can include in a worship service or our daily lives. Such examples are songs, scripture reading, inspirational videos, responsive readings, preaching from the word of God, and on and on.

But as I enjoyed the well-crafted mix of cherry and vanilla with the Coke, I began to wonder if there is such a thing as too many flavors (both in a drink and in worship elements.) Follow me on this a bit. If you added every single flavor that Sonic had to offer into a single Route 44 drink, I have to believe that it would taste revolting. Can you imagine a Cherry Lime Vanilla Chocolate Powerade Raspberry Peach Coke? And I don't think I even covered all of the options. You see, certain flavors work well together to enhance each other and create a pallet-pleasing mix. Is it possible that in our zest to add multiple forms of media and try out a bunch of new and different worship elements, that we may actually be causing a "bad taste" in the spiritual mouths of those we are leading?

And overkill is another problem we must be keenly aware of. I have fell victim to many Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Cokes that were not properly mixed. Either they added too much cherry and/or vanilla or not enough. Perhaps we worship leaders need to be sensitive to the frequency and depth of our worship element choices.

And lastly, we must always remember to focus on the main thing. In a Cherry Vanilla Coke, if you don't have the Coke flavor (your base drink) coming through, than you don't really have a Cherry Vanilla COKE anymore. I believe in worship services, the Word of God and proclaimed messages from it, is what is most important. Every other element (like the cherry and/or vanilla) is merely adding a refreshing twist on the primary ingredient.

Just some things to chew (or sip) on!!

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