Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Great Dad

Father's Day is coming up soon - the day which we honor fathers and recognize the important role they play in our lives. But this got me thinking about something a little different this year.

I'm a father myself to two great kids, Jackson (4) and Lauren (1). At lunch today, Jackson kept talking about my Father's Day present which came in the mail this morning. He was so excited that he could barely contain himself. Finally, Jill allowed him to go fetch my gift and give it to me early.

As he came bounding down the steps, there was so much pride in Jackson's eyes that he was able to give me the special gift that he and Jill had created together. They made a photo book through Snapfish which contained various pictures of me and the kids over this past year all the way back to Lauren's birth. And the front cover said, "Hero: to an amazing father and husband."

That is what prompted all of this thinking. It's not enough for me to be labeled as a hero to my wife and kids; I need to live that out. And there's no way I can accomplish that on my own. I need my Father's (God's) help to make being their hero a reality.

I must do more than say, "Family is a priority." I have to show it by being there for my wife and children (even during the mundane things of life.) I need to be a provider for my family in areas like finances, emotional support, spiritual leadership and love. I need to offer guidance and direction for my family.

So, fathers, I ask you, "Are you living up to your family's hero status?" What areas have you compromised that need to be shored up? Where do you need to lead your family? How do you need to show love this weekend?

And if you have a father who is your hero, let him know it this weekend. But also tell him why he is your hero!!

Happy Father's Day!!

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  1. You ARE and HAVE BEEN a great father to both Jackson and Lauren. You are the true soul mate for Jill and ONE of our favorite son-in-laws (we have TWO favorites!!)
    If we are honest as men, I don't think we EVER can truly be the father (certainly not the Hero) we should be to our kids, grandkids, or spouse ... but with the Lord's help we can surely keep heading that direction. Let's pray for each other that we keep a proper focus on this matter. Love you, Matt. Dad Detwiler