Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Do You Know What?"

Kids are funny! And you can learn the most interesting things from kids - stuff that you never thought you would know (like what can fit up a toddler's nose) and stuff that you never wanted to know (like what can fit up a toddler's nose.) But since I've had children, I've also learned alot about God and my relationship with Him through the interactions I have with my two little ones.

My son, Jackson, is four, and he loves being the center of attention. And he's a storyteller. He is constantly relaying saga after saga of the goings-on from Sunday School, VBS, storytime at the library, etc. But the part that really perked me recently is how he begins his stories: "Dad, did you know what?" or "Do you know what else?"

Now perhaps this was a learned feature from listening to me while he was younger. For example: (while examining a spider) "Jackson, did you know what? Spiders have eight legs." But what Jackson (and probably me as well) was trying to communicate with me is, "Dad, I have some information that I would like you to have as well."

And that is what really got me thinking yesterday and today.

Jesus Christ came to earth about 2000 years ago and lived with a group of unlikely people (fishermen, tax collector, etc.) He shared with them the message of God's love and that through His (Christ's) death and ressurection, a restored relationship with God is possible. And then as He was preparing to ascend into heaven, Jesus told His disciples that they will be His witness into all the world. He gave them the message to pass onto others.

The discpleship carried a message of "Do you know what? Jesus loves you!" to all those around them. And we are all tasked with that same mission - to share with others the message of Christ's love and forgiveness.

From now on, whenever I hear Jackson say, "Do you know what?", I'll probably pause just a moment and think about my mission to tell others "Do you know what?"

And do you know what? Jesus loves you!!!

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