Sunday, February 19, 2012


I want to be the moon.

Now I don’t believe that my body mass will grow to the point where I could be launched into orbit around the earth and control the tides. (Neither do I want my body mass to grow to that point.) But in my spiritual life (which intersects with my day-in-day-out life), I want to be like the moon.

On its own, the moon has no light. The only light the moon provides to Earth is what’s reflected from the sun. We can sometimes see the moon during the day (at dawn and dusk), but it’s not nearly as prominent or magnificent. Why? Because the sun is shining fully for us to see.

Jesus has called me to reflect His glory to the world. On my own, I don’t have anything special to offer the world. Just like the moon, I can only reflect the glory and “light” of Jesus Christ, the true Son.

Also like the moon, when I’m in the presence of other Christians and Jesus Christ is in our midst, He shines brightest of all and our focus and attention is on Him. Sure, I might be seen, but it’s not really brilliant compared to Jesus.

However, when I’m placed in the midst of darkness, and I find myself surrounded by people who don’t know Jesus and are walking in spiritual darkness, I should radiate the love, glory and light of Jesus to them. I’m still not that important when compared to Christ, but God has chosen to use me as His reflection point. I should help direct the paths of those in darkness to seek out and find Christ, the light of the world.

So, I want to be the moon. I may be the best (or only) example of Jesus that someone ever sees. Something to “reflect” on!!

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