Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jeremiah 26-29

Recap: Jeremiah is warning the people of Jerusalem that they should stop their evil actions or God will send another nation to take them captive or destroy their people. The people were so irate with Jeremiah's words (especially about the temple being destroyed) that they put him in prison. There was a leader who feared God and protected Jeremiah from being killed. Jeremiah also used a visual metaphor with a yoke that he put around his neck.

Personal thoughts: We (as Christians) should be careful that we don't care more about the physical things of God (i.e. - church building, services, etc.) than we do the people and message of God. God is much more concerned about a relationship with people who don't know Him than He is a building. The temple was meant to point and direct people to God. It was never intended to be the focus of worship - that belongs to God alone.

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