Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jeremiah 38-41

Summary: Jeremiah warns one last time to surrender to the Babylonians. The king refuses to listen to Jeremiah but at least rescues him from being thrown into a cistern. The Babylonians attack and capture the city and the king. Jeremiah however is freed to remain in the land instead of exiled. Gedaliah is appointed governor but is murdered by a fellow Israelite.

Personal reflections: Life may seem to go from bed to worse. But in the midst of it all remember that God is not surprised by any of it. Just as Jeremiah had profesied all of the events that took place, God knows everything that will take place today before it happens. Trust that even during the difficult times God will remain true to His word that He works ALL things together for good to those that love Him (Romans 8:28.)

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